A-Data Show Me Disk 2GB


A-Data Show Me Disk 2GB

adatashow.jpgNow this is cool. the Show Me Disk includes an 11-character readout that displays any name you create for your key. Whatever you you type into Windows Explorer shows up on the key’s display, so people will know its “Josh’s key,” or they’ll see that “Cats rule,” maybe. The display also features a pie chart and numerical rating for the available capacity, which is wicked-awesome. You just glance at the pie or the number to find out how much space you have left. We love these features! There’s one tiny problem: This key is slow as molasses in a New York winter. It’s so slow we grew a beard transferring 1GB of data to the device. We then had ample time to shave said beard reading that 1GB of data from the key.

Aside from the cool display, this key doesn’t boast much else. It’s very affordable for a 2GB key, but we don’t like its blocky, cheap-looking plastic body. And it’s too fat; it can’t be plugged into a USB port if there’s another device plugged above it, although it fits just fine if the port below it is occupied.

There’s no software bundle, but we wouldn’t expect that on a $50 key. The snazzy display is really this key’s only selling point.

Month Reviewed: November 2006
+ APPLE PIE: We love the display; somewhat affordable.
- PIE CHART: A bit too portly, lacks software, and is agonizingly slow.
Verdict: 6
URL: www.adatausa.com



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