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Article submitted by J.R. Bowers......

Could not get XP to acknowledge " gpedit" in the run box. Is there an error or an I not following his instructions correctly ?? Would you please
respond to my e-mail box, this looks like a great little fix. thank you



You just have to append the Microsoft Console extension, .msc to the command:

In the run box you'd type gpedit.msc and hit enter/click ok.

One word of note is that this command won't fly in the Home version of XP.


The Concerned IT Professional



XP Myths
Windows automatically removing unneeded DLL’s from cache memory AKA AlwaysUnloadDLLS Tweak = Myth in Windows XP this does not exist and does nothing.
Forcing Windows to give up default 20% bandwidth reservation AKA QOS Tweak = Myth in Windows XP the full bandwidth is always available and not "reserved" unless a QOS enabled application is using it.
Preventing Windows from sending user/kernel mode drivers and code to page file AKA DisablePagingExecutive Tweak = Myth in Windows XP this can reduce performance on low end systems and is only recommended for Servers.



I just did the Qos tweak and got a bump. Not to mention while doing it the INFO screen on the left acknowleges that XP and Server 2003 both reserve 20% by default and that by enabling Qos and following the above directions would solve it. So Myth? I think not.

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