Silverstone FP53

Silverstone FP53

SilverHD.jpgWe’ve long lusted over Silverstone’s statuesque cases, but this is the first time we’ve tested one of the company’s hard drive enclosures. We had high expectations, and we were not let down.

The FP53 sports a simple design: an all-aluminum outer body, a small, 4cm internal fan, and a thermal pad that transfers heat from the drive to the outer shell, which doubles as a heatsink.

The internal fan spins at 5,000rpm, but it’s so small that it’s practically inaudible. Silverstone claims the fan puts out 25dBA, which seems plausible—it was perfectly quiet to our ears.

The FP53 did a fantastic job cooling our DiamondMax 10 test drive, allowing it to become only one degree Celsius hotter than it was when the test case’s 12cm intake fan was blowing on it. The drive’s operating temperature of 28.7 C inside the FP53 was 16 C cooler than with no cooling at all. That’s impressive, especially considering the drive was significantly quieter inside the FP53 enclosure than it was hard-mounted in our Silverstone TJ03 test case.

Color us impressed. The FP53 did everything it was supposed to do and it performed beautifully. Given its low price, you should drop what you’re doing right now and buy one. Go!
--Josh Norem

Month Reviewed: November 2005
+ DRIVE BAY: Cool, quiet, sexy, easty to install, and affordable.
- MICHAEL BAY: Doesn't cool a drive as much as a noisy case fan.
Verdict: 9



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