Logitech Wireless Music System for iPod

Logitech Wireless Music System for iPod

LogiWireless_ipod.jpgLogitech’s Wireless Music System for iPod will turn any MP3 player into a wireless music-streaming device, and it sounds fantastic.

The system consists of two components: a Bluetooth transmitter that plugs into your player’s headphone output, and a receiver that connects to your hi-fi system or self-powered speakers.

The transmitter has its own rechargeable battery, so it doesn’t leach off your player’s; the receiver is AC powered.

One transmitter can be paired with up to 10 receivers, but it can stream to only one at a time. A button push switches the transmitter to the closest receiver/speaker combo. Stand-alone receivers sell for $80 each, and the transmitter is compatible with Logitech’s nearly identical Wireless Music System for PC.

Wireless coverage was excellent—we had no problems achieving the promised 33-foot range. Hats off to Logitech for adapting Bluetooth wireless technology so well.

Month Reviewed: June 2006

+ BLUETOOTH: Excellent audio quality; system is expandable.

- BLACKTOOTH: Streams to only one receiver at a time.


URL: www.logitech.com



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