Logitech G7 Mouse

Logitech G7 Mouse

LogitechG7.jpgUsually, cordless mice come with built-in sacrifices: The sensor response rate is slowed to conserve battery life; the battery lasts just 20 hours; rechargeable batteries aren’t included; and/or a cheap transmitter results in radio interference. The G7 is without such shortcomings—it’s an unabashedly Kick Ass mouse.

Take all the features we love about the Logitech G5—an adjustable resolution sensor that allows on-the-fly sensitivity adjustments (with or without Logitech’s drivers installed), a comfortable right-hand design, a 2000dpi laser sensor, four buttons, and a tilt wheel. Then cut the cord, add a removable, rechargeable battery (and USB-powered charging stand) and you’ve got one badass rodent.
While the G7 does drop into a low-power mode occasionally, the cursor responds immediately when you move the mouse. We were unable to detect a difference between the cordless G7 and its wired G5 sibling in any of our tests.

The G7 uses Logitech’s new 2.4GHz cordless transmitter, and the difference between this and a traditional cordless mouse is immediately obvious. In our casual testing, the G7’s range easily exceeded 20 feet. We’re not sure why you’d need 20 feet of range on a mouse, but we’ll take it. If nothing else, the insane range should guarantee perfect coverage near your desk.

The G7 also includes the same sensitivity meter as the G5, but on the G7 it doubles as a battery-status meter. If you don’t use the mouse for a few moments, the orange sensitivity LEDs fade, and green battery-status LEDs light up. It’s a subtle, but very nice touch.
The G7 comes with two batteries, a thumb drive-size transmitter, and a USB-powered charging station that also sports a single USB port.
Our only real complaint with this mouse is the same complaint we have with its wired sibling. We’d really like to have a second thumb button available. Two thumb buttons is fairly standard! Still, even lacking a second thumb button, this is the best cordless mouse money can buy.
—Will Smith

Month Reviewed: January 2006

Verdict: 9

URL: www.logitech.com



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It's a nice mouse, I'll give it that. Very responsive, and having a second battery is useful... given that I use it heavily, they need swapping at least once a day, sometimes twice.

However, mine currently has an issue - the right mouse button. The way I move in City of Heroes? The right mouse button's used a lot... and it doesn't seem to have held up. I'm about to contact Logitech - as mentioned, I've had this less than a year, and cheap $10 MS and Logitech optical mice (the cheap plastic ones) have held up better than this.

Hoping it's just a glitch.
Building systems builds character. Mine's Marvin the Martian.

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