Logicube Sonix Drive Duplicator

Logicube Sonix Drive Duplicator

Logicube_Sonix copy.jpgDrive copying doesn’t get any easier than this

Month Reviewed: February 2005
Verdict: 8
URL: www.logicube.com

It’s obvious the Sonix is meant for IT folks, given its fat price tag and limited usage for the consumer market, but we ask you this: What hardcore PC fanatic wouldn’t want the portable drive copier and its sleek G-man-esque briefcase pictured above? You might not use it often in the “real world,” but when duty calls, this cool-looking drive copier performs flawlessly.

Operation is simple. Pop open the clamshell case and attach the master drive. It includes connections for both parallel ATA and Serial ATA drives, and an optional connector for 2.5-inch drives is also available. Next, you plug in the target drive, which can also be parallel ATA or Serial ATA. Finally, you depress the start button twice and the drive cloning process begins. Though Logicube states the Sonix is capable of speeds up to 3.3GB per minute, in Lab testing, we cloned a 3.16GB partition in roughly 4 minutes, so your speeds may vary. The Sonix can also be attached to a system via an included USB cable so the PC’s drive can be cloned without ever popping off the side door, which is really cool.

Other features of the Sonix Drive Duplicator include a built-in Compact Flash reader and a 64MB card that can be used to transfer new software and firmware updates to the device. It can also be used as a standard media reader.
While the cost concerned us, we were pleased to discover that more advanced diagnostic and drive-wiping utilities can be “unlocked” by paying an extra $200 and entering the code you receive from Logicube into the device. Unfortunately, whenever we called the sales or tech support line to get the code, we were told no one was available to take our call. We were repeatedly instructed to leave a message, which we did, but no one ever returned our calls. We ultimately had to resort to using the backdoor; after contacting a company spokesman, we finally received a call and our code. Our take is: A vendor shouldn’t tempt consumers with functionality and then make it nearly impossible to get. --Josh Norem

+ Drive copying: Fast copying, easy to use, thorough manual, tons of cool extras.

- Exam copying: Pricey, and you have to jump through hoops to get extra features.



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