Klipsch ProMedia Ultra 2.0



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Call of Duty has it's own flock of sheeple so there's no doubt that they'll make some cash off of this. I won't have anything to do with Call of Duty so it doesn't matter to me, but it's sad to see companies taking advantage and sucking as much money as possible from it's customers.Bungie offers the same feature abosolutely free. Except for that fact that if you want more than what they provided, you have to pay. Now that's fair.What Activision is doing is bullsh3t. Only TRUE COD fanboys would go for that kind of rubbish offer. That's my opinion about this option subscription thing btw. article submission service



That tune’s thumping bass line instantly turned flatulent, and something inside the enclosures themselves began rattling in protest at what the amp was asking the speakers to deliver. Turning down the bass control didn’t help matters a whit. With the right tool, you can easily burn mp4 to dvd and itunes to dvd


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