January 2005

January 2005

MPC0105cover.jpgBig Gigantic Technology Preview
Take a look at the gear of next year! Concepts taht were once little more than geek bedtime fantasies are finally arriving. Maximum PC reports on which ones to expect in 2005, and how they're going to affect PC power users.

Half-Life 2: The Review
Maximum PC staff were among the first to play the astounding sequel to Half-Life. We give you an exclusive look under the hood of Valve's Source engine, and you'll get our definitive, no-mercy review of the most anticipated PC game in history.

Power Supply Torture Test
Seven big-rig power supplies are put through a guantlet of non-UN-approved "interrogations." We sweat them, deprive them of stable power, and stress them to their very limits. Wait until you see which manufacturer's PSU comes out on top.

100 Issues of Unreasonbly Harsh Reviews!
That's right--January 2005 marks the 100th issue of Maximum PC. Check out all the highlights.



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