How To: Build a Media Server



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günümüzde en çok tercih edilen site ve server sistemlerinden media serverlar arkasına aldığı siemens servisi ile hızlı bir ilerleme katettiler.


Hi guys, As a fellow media server enthusiast, I wanted to make you aware of my site:

which covers a few different areas relating to media servers, but in particular it focuses on small form-factor very high capacity media servers and walks through the creation of a RAID 5 server that can be configured with up to 16TB of storage in a mini ITX case for about £500 (before the cost of drives) using off-the-shelf components.

LovTrain: I use PS3 Media Server - even when not streaming to the PS3. It is compatible with lots of devices (DLNA) and is very easy to configure and use. You don't need to worry about formats because it transcodes most stuff automatically.

dor_1966 - the simplest way to connect the TV to the media server is using a PS3 and a wireless router connected to the media server. A cheaper way is to get something like the Panasonic DMP-BD75EB that plugs into your TV but supports DLNA, and then connect that to the same home network that your media server is connected to. An Xbox 360 will also work. I don't know whether the original Xbox will work.

Kailuaboy - fully agree that Orb is awesome bhulse - Orb lets you do that (but keep in mind if you don't have an awesome upload speed from your home connection, you won't get good quality streaming).

Vivian - very interesting - I wasn't aware of that one




When can we expect and updated tutorial on building a Media Server?

The biggest thing tha is missing here is "what kind of software..." can be used to allow a smooth stream from the media server to a TV.

1. What is the best software MPC recommends for streaming movies and format? (xvid, divix, mpeg)

2. What is the best hardware MPC recommends for physically connecting the Media Server to a TV that only has Coax and RCA connectivity. (newer TV's use HDMI)

3. What is the best hardware MPC recommends for building a low budget Media Server? ( $999.99 or less)





I have a couple of questions
Building a server no issue but what I
don't understand is 1) how to put the movies into the system (i know
software of some sort).
2) and most important how to connect the
TV to the network so you can select the media. I do not have an Xbox is
there another piece of hardware I will need? Can different TV's in
different rooms view different movies at the same time?

If I buy a xbox does the old one work or does it have to be a a xbox 360  or is there another box that is cheap that work let me interface to tv to the network





With all the changes in technology, has this basic design changed any?  In addition, if I use this box as a home
theater box, what are your recommendations for video cards?

Thanks - Clayton



You can use remote pc, which is free and comes built in with windows.
Second option is to creat a ftp using a ftp program like filezilla. this would allow you to access your files outside of your home. But when doing so you have to also configure your router to allow access to the remote pc.
And then there is linux, for linux its just the same just set up a ftp or even turn your linux box into a web server to host your files. You dont even have to purchase a domain name, you will just have to use your ip address, the domain name is optional.



or you can use, its a lot easier and secure.



What if I wanted to access my media from outside of my home? Not streaming but get the files or something like that. Say I am on a cable modem with a router and switch attached, would it be possible? If so how would I go about setting it up?

Also is there an alternative way to do it with a free OS like Somba (I don’t know much about it). If you know of a site that has the instructions post it for me please.

Im going to give the media server a try I have a lot of extra parts and would like to do something with it hehe.



idk about accessing from outside home, but here ya go. i know how old this article is. its the first mpc mag i bought. now im subscribed(w00t)



I know a flash video server, is it useful for you. It is designed for flash video to stream for live video and video on demand. You can get more informatin about it here:

Hope it can help other people.

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