HP F2304

HP F2304

hp_LCD.jpgThe best LCD we've seen

Now imagine the glory of SDM-P234 times two! While we were evaluating Sony’s monitor, the f2304 was by its side running the exact same DisplayMate scripts and real-world content via a DVI splitter box. (It’s the preferred method of comparison, but not always possible if the monitors in question have varying resolutions and/or interfaces, in which case we review them individually using the same PC.)

Believe us when we say, it was a vision of spectacular excess—a testament to the fine quality of both models.

Still, DisplayMate performance wasn’t identical. The f2304 had no problems at all with the 256 level gray-scale ramp, but it wasn’t as good as the SM-P234 at white-level saturation. In other words, super-light grays were difficult to resolve against a white background. Otherwise, aspect ratio, screen uniformity, color tracking, and the various other nuances DisplayMate reveals were up to the standards we expect from a high-end LCD monitor. Similarly, Need for Speed: Underground proved the f2304 to be an able gaming ally.

Indeed, the f2304 and SDM-P234 are mighty close competitors. In the end, it came down to inputs. In addition to the VGA, DVI, and audio inputs that the SDM-P234 offers, the f2304 includes S-video and Component inputs, as well as built-in speakers.

The latter is admittedly of lesser importance, but all told, the f2304 is the more versatile of the two—and our new favorite LCD monitor. --Katherine Stevenson

+ Liquid crystal: 23-inches of solid LCD splendor! Variety of inputs.

- Crystal meth: Super light grays indistinct from white in DisplayMate tests.

Month Reviewed: December 2004
Verdict: 9
URL: www.hp.com



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It is amazing to see how far we have come with technology. I am very looking forward to what is yet to come. If only we could become better advanced on housing our homeless and proving better ethical standards for our children. I can't wait to buy this T.V. and put it in my living room. 

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