EVGA e-GeForce 8800 GTS



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Reviews are always on the new and the best graphics cards...but I'm a computer user who spends many hours a day online or otherwise working from my computer. I don't play games, rarely watch a movie on it, don't have a TV tuner - but wish I did so I could record from TV to DVD; and most of my time is spent on Outlook, Internet Browsing, Accounting, digital picture editing (from my Nikon 10p) and on other Office Applications. What review covers the graphics cards available for my requirements? I'd like to add a separate PCI-X graphics card with it's own memory to free up my 2GB of installed system RAM (possibly have a built-in TV tuner) and bring better video/still picture to my Gateway GT5228 XP MediaCTR. I'm still running XP media ctr because I didn't know how to use BUY.COM or Gateway's free upgrade to VISTA which came with the computer. I've a nice monitor, the SAMSUNG 204B display which changes the picture to fit the monitor's alignment - horizontal or vertical, has the DVI input, which I prefer. I'm at a loss for narrowing down the options to the most cost effective choice. Can you name a few?



This card is such a great deal (newegg) right now that you'd have to be stupid not to buy it. =)

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