Cooler Master iTower 930

Cooler Master iTower 930

coolmaster_case.jpgMix the joys of Lego construction with a scene from any of the Hellraiser movies and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what it’s like to work with Cooler Master’s iTower 930 case. The multilayered front panel is ugly enough, but that’s just a taste of the true monster lying underneath: a plasticky nightmare of “configurable” features that we really see no need for.

You could practically open a Greek restaurant with all the PITA that come with assembling a computer using this case. For starters, nearly everything you do requires that you first remove something plastic, something gimmicky, or something useless—our biggest battle came with the case’s CPU fan duct, which wouldn’t even fit on top of a standard AMD heatsink.

After breaking a tab trying to install a videocard into the case’s toolless PCI mount and desperately trying to squeeze in an oversized power supply—which fit in the other two cases—we admitted defeat. The iTower 930 is a cramped, convoluted case; Godspeed to anyone who attempts to pack an enthusiast’s rig into it.
-David Murphy

Month Reviewed: February 2007
+ WOOT: The hot-swapping SATA enclosure is pretty cool.
- TOOT: Everything else about this case is a drag.
Verdict: 3



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