BenQ FP785

BenQ FP785

BenQ_Monitor copy.jpgIt can "handle" most any task!

Maybe it’s the rounded corners and burgundy trim, or the fact that the FP785 debuted at Milan’s fashion week, but we have a hunch LAN partiers aren’t the FP785’s target audience. Indeed, the unit is designed to look like a handbag when carried. Elegantly, the handles also serve as the monitor’s base. The screen can be tilted slightly forward or back on its stand.

In DisplayMate tests, the FP785 initially came across as a champ. In the first several screens, we were loathe to detect flaws, and next to the Shuttle XP17, the FP785’s superb visibility was a testament to the wonders of anti-glare and -reflective coating. But problems arose when the FP785 was tasked with reproducing gray scales consisting of more than 65 steps of gradation. In the various 128- to 256-step scales, striations peppered what should have been a smooth transition of shades from black to white. This indicates a limited number of intensity levels at the extreme ends of the scale, something that might result in artifacting when displaying content with a lot of very dark or light elements.

Serif-font legibility was good, but not great, from 9-point. There was faint evidence of red, green, and blue in the edges of some of the characters, probably due to slight variations in the black levels of the primary color channels.
Need for Speed: Underground ran without any glaring visual artifacts—in native and nonnative resolutions—but detail during fast-motion sequences was slightly less sharp than with Shuttle’s monitor.

The FP785’s totability was on par with Shuttle’s XP17, although it’s more than a pound heavier. Both models are slim and lightweight by even LCD standards, but the load is not totally insignificant, especially when you factor in these monitors’ external battery packs. Like the XP17 Lite, BenQ’s portable is sold sans carrying case. --Katherine Stevenson

+ Traveling light: Easy to transport; decent performance

- Missing your flight: Limited gray-scale range; no protective cover; pricey

Month Reviewed: May 2005
Verdict: 8



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