April 2006

April 2006

April_2006_Cover.jpgIt might be April, but we ain't foolin'around! Check out what you'll encounter in the "Gorditas-gone-wild" April issue of Maximum PC!

Look for it on your favorite newsstand soon!

The Ultimate Digital Media Guide
Exercise your fair-use rights! Our all-encompassing guide will show you how to copy any piece of digital media: DVDs, copy-protected CDs, and even downloaded DRM-encumbered files!

Maximum PC's Annual Softy Awards
You've got a ticket to the biggest awards show in town: The annual Softy Awards! We name the best, most kick-ass software of the year! These are programs you can't live without, so read this feature or die--it's your choice.

PLUS: Heart-pounding reviews and life-changing stories!
* We drop verdicts on Intel's new dual-core notebook CPUs.
* Super-chilled water-coolers from Swiftech and Corsair!
* A brutal motherboard roundup.
* And much, much more!



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