8 Ways to Fix Google Android



you guys really need to get back to pc content and leave phone content to people that specialize in it and actually know wtf is going on!



What is up with maximum pc hating on everything android and ios... are you guys sponsored my microsoft? whats with the windows phone 7 tab.... how about a android tab, a palm tab, a bb tab, or a ios tab.  How about 8 ways to fix your crappy online section? here is number 1 get rid of the spam. 2 no more storys on geek plushi stupidity, only good about that video was the decent look chick.



They're not hating, they're offering an opinion on how to improve something.  In the first paragraph, they clearly state they love Android.  They just feel that Android has room for improvement.



Instead of calling the article '8 Ways To Fix Google Android' maybe it should have been called '8 Ways To Make An Android Phone More Like A Windows Phone 7'



Pre 2.2 upgrade, my Droid would play .wav files. Post 2.2, no more .wav support. This sucks. We receive our voicemails as emails through our Exchange 2007 system. The voicemail is an attached .wav file. Pre-2.2 upgrade, this was neat as I could listen to my voicemails from my phone. Post-2.2 all I get is "...filetype not supported"

WTF! I'm not about to buy an app just to play .wav files....



Well then your going to have a bit of a problem getting your voicemail from your phone then won't you?

Come on, it takes less than a minute to download winamp beta, which I know plays .wav

I mean I can understand that this should work out of the box, but honestly, just saying "I ain't gunna download no app" is just ridiculous, especially considering most 3rd party media players are 10 times better than the stock one.

You could have solved your problem in the time it took you to write that post.



I have to echo the others who have wondered how you managed to avoid all the gps-capable android devices.  My Evo pulls in a GPS signal very quickly and can get a lock inside out metal-roofed building where mere GPS devices (Garmin, TomTom, and Magenllan, fail epically.

What I would like to see is some really adequate synching with Outlook.  HTC has a solution but my wife has a Samsung so that won't work for her.  I found a 3rd-party app that does the job fairly well, but it does have a few issues.  (Less issues than ActiveSync ever did, though :))



Exactly what device gives you problems? My EVO 4G works perfect with GPS. It locks within a matter of seconds (sometimes, even indoors depending on building) is extremely accurate and once locked, ive never seen it fail. The only phones I know of that have had consistent GPS issues would be Samsungs Galaxy S phones, which would be the Epic, Captivate etc. Those have had issues. But my EVO 4G is more accurate and locks faster then my 150 dollar tomtom GPS unit.



Main point where Google needs to up its game is with compatibility of 3rd party accessories.  Audio equipment for cars is now able to stream from and control iPhones, and you can dock your iPhone in a HiFi as a replacement for your old CD HiFi at home via  Apples standard data connection.  Along with the articles first point (and the additional arguement I've made below), this really does make the iPhone stand out as the smartphone of choice for someone who wants a device to fulfill their multimedia needs. 

Google really needs to get on the ball, and start dictating to their OEM's of a form-factor or data-connection port (with the ability to stream music/video and allow remote control of the phone) that is standardized across all devices and manufacturers,   If this happens, 3rd parties will no doubt be quick to jump on this and begin allowing user's to enjoy their phones experience without having to hold it in their hand.

In regard to the original articles points:

1. Double twist seems to have answered a lot of this, but I'm yet to try it out.  The main failing I find with Android and music, is the seemingly inability to run any for of EQ, 3D sound, extra bass etc to boost my listening experience.  While I'm usually happy to leave music in its normal state, low to mid range headphones need this functionality from the device they're connected to to avoid sounding hollow and tinny.  I still carry my old Samsung P2 mp3 player around with me due to exactly this reason.

2. Agreed on all counts.  I'm still waiting for FroYo, never mind Gingerbread.  Nuff said.

3. Really not important unless you're looking at a tablet or a smart-phone/tablet cross over (Acer's new phone for example)

4. Haven't had a problem with this yet, exept for indoors, which is hardly surprising.  Caching maps to the SD card as allowed by brut mod would be a big help though.

5. I really don't see the need.  Everyone has their own phone these days, and odds are if your friend doesn't have a smartphone with web capabilities, they're probably not yet interested in using yours.

6. Want achievements? Play Foursquare.  Or grow up, either is good.

7. Again, not really needed, though I don't see a reason for it to be disabled.

8. Having never owned a WP7 or iPhone device, or for that matter a device other than my current HTC, I don't know how my phone stacks up against the opposition.  The quest for longer and battery life should be an ongoing one for all manufacturer's however.



1. Couldn't careless.  I'd rather drag and drop the songs I actually like into the device. 

2. This is not only nice, this is a must!  What's the point of an open system, because the hardware manufacturer doesn't let you.

3. Ditto.  Specs are important, gotta keep current to compete. Especially if we are talking about tablets and netbooks.

4. This is more like a bug.  It's a shame that Google phones can't take advatange of their wonderful map service.

5. More like keeping some videos and pictures to ourselves.  Ahem...

6. Oh~please.   M$ and Sony already ruined my console experience with these stupid achievements.  You know why there is no memory hack device for 360 and PS3?  This is why, and this sucks. 

7. Don't really see the need to take screenshots of a phone.  What do you need it for? Electronic evidence collection?

8. True, if M$ can do it on similar specs, I don't see why Google can't pull it off. 



1) "Ask any Android user what they really want in their smartphone" - Dunno who you've been talking to but this is of little interest to me.

2) This would be nice.

3) This is essential for tablets.  For cell phones it's less critical.  The screen is so small that it begins to enter the realm of overkill.  My Samsung Galaxy has a fantastic picture despite being lower resolution than the iPhone 4.

4) Mine locks on in about 3 seconds.  Indoor functionality isn't great, but I seldom get lost at the mall anymore.

5) Where the hell is Fennec already???

6) Couldn't be less important to me.  Of course, I'm not 12 anymore.

7) I suppose this could come in handy.  Hardly a requirement (for me), but useful.

8) Battery life needs to be improved on all portable devices.  To say that apple products deliver better battery life is technically true, but it's more accurate to say that their battery life is "less poor".  Battery tech has advanced by leaps and bounds in the last 10 years, but it really isn't reflected yet in commercially available products.  Certainly not at prices most people can afford.




Like the subject says but any way, I have the firefox 4 beta for android and must say its better than the stock for some things, but needs flash support, and optimization to make it load faster. Although they did say "JavaScript performance in Firefox 4 Beta will be slower on Galaxy S phones than on other devices." so that applies to my captivate sadly.



I've heard this is fixed in Froyo.  Hopefully it (and Firefox Mobile release) will be available soon.




Allow the user when he presses the screen button to turn off the screen completly during a call i hate how the sensor does register the phone being against my face and then my cheek hits buttons.

Allow browser pages to be saved to the screen. That is the feature that i love about my WP7 prototype.



I don't know what you've been doing wrong with the GPS but there has to be something because I have never had my Droid take more than 10 seconds to lock on a GPS signal, a hell of a lot faster than any stand alone GPS I have ever seen.



I've noticed when I turn the W-Fi off, it takes longer for a the phone to lock on to a GPS signal.

For anyone who is having GPS delays, try it for yourselves.



I think thats because Android uses wifi to triangulate (way less accurate) your location. But the actual GPS module is still searching either way. Once the module obtains a sat fix, it will override any triangulation over wifi.

My EVO will get a lock regardless of wifi state in about 10 seconds.



Synching between Google contacts and M/S Office would be a big help.  Calendar syncs, but contacts are important too.



It would really be nice if we could read Persian text.  Go to Iranian.com with an Android and see the boxes.



Palm does this better than anyone else. I hate that programs run in the background and I can only quit them with a task killer.



These are all well and good, but ig Google wants to be a serious player in the enterprise market, than they need to add native support for voice message service such as exchange (which uses wav file format). I have yet to find an app in teh market that will play a voice message. Also, they need to have broader support of media content such as avi files. My Palm Pre supports wav and avi files natively, if it have better hardware, I would still be using it, as the OS is far and away much superior to what Android offers and provides, and from what I have seem, the Windows Phone 7 devices will be a much better option for enterprise than Android too. I may consider switching to WIndows when I can upgrade my phone again come September, if Google has not addressed these issues by then. Their OS upgrades seem to be nothing more than window dressing instead of adding much needed features that their users have been asking for.



I would really like to have the ability to turn off my email notification but leave on SMS notification. The BlackBerry does this very well giving you the ability to control all of your notifications in and out of the devices holster. With the Droid it looks like it’s all or nothing. Maybe I’m overlooking how to do this but without some 3rd party app and cumbersome configuration it does not look like an easy fix.



You are. You need to go in to your email app, press menu, and go to settings and disable it there. The notifications kinda work like CSS. You can set it at the OS level and it filters down to the other apps but each app should give you options to override it. 



Thanks, this should work with TouchDown. The CSS makes since I just didn't realize you could overide the system setting with individual apps.  I have network notification issues come in via SMS and it's important this stays active, email on the other hand is not necessary in the middle of the night.



9. Bookmarks should be synch'ed between Chrome browser and Android's browser.



Get Chrome - to - Phone from the market, it does exactly that.



Only problem is, not everyone has 2.2, and if I'm not mistaken, that app requires Froyo - which not everyone has (T-Mobile still hasn't released the 2.2 update for the Vibrant, unfortunately).  And while I see the benefits of rooting, I would personally rather not try to root my phone because I am notoriously bad with software as opposed to hardware, and I have no doubt that I would somehow brick my device.  Not my cup of tea, seeing as I'm on a budget.

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