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I am HP user and it is the best source of of DVD ripper. However, I have heard the review for this software which are not so good.
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Seriously you're still ripping to Divx or Xvid? How 1999 of you. Everyone uses x264 and MKV nowadays for better quality results and smaller file sizes. Wake me up with the program uses x264.



Thanks, handbrak also rocks



And during the last 4 weeks I continued to send them reminders that I was still waiting but no response. This is the absolute worst software I have ever purchased. With the right tool, you can easily burn mp4 to dvd and itunes to dvd




SWF converter is  handy  swf to video  converter.It converts  swf to avi,wmv,flv,3gp,mpeg,mp4 etc.




I recommend you another dvd ripper, wide formats support, and fast converting. it can be 5 times faster than the normal ones.





MPEG4 is a very new technology which is not found in last year DVD movies.
I bought this software and I am not not happy with its speed. Is it running on atrial basis???I bought this software. This software is compatible with the latest MPEG4 Technology.

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iSofter DVD Ripper Platinum software is truly a effect solution for all your  DVD burning needs. This DVD copying software is a one-click DVD backup tool with great features and its Free to


If you're in the market for an advanced DVD backup software with loads of features and burning options, look no further,  this is truly a feature-rich product, and certainly one of the best of its


iSofter DVD Ripper Platinum is an all in one tool that aims at converting your DVDs into different video formats compatible with the portable video playing devices on the market.

The application will turn your DVDs into M4A, MP4, MPG, AVI, Mp3, WMA, WMV and 3GP.

The audio formats included in the supported list prove that DVD Ripper Platinum is also able to extract audio files from the DVD you are feeding.

iSofter DVD Ripper Platinum is design for backup your favorite DVD movie to your computer by converting DVD to AVI, DivX, XviD, VCD, WMV, MPEG4 format video files, with almost same quality, but

just only 10% size.





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i am a mac user and used to iskysoft dvd ripper for mac:



That would be nice. Thanks.






I bought this software and it doesn't work at all. I was ignored for 3 weeks by their tech support until I wanted a refund. They denied me a refund because it wasn't in the refund policy (it actually was). Now tech support just keeps blaming the problem on other things like my dvd or the drive. I tracked the company down to China so you can forget about any real help from them. Don't buy this software!!! If any PC mag or site thinks this is a descent company, its because they never asked for a refund or help from tech support.



I purchased this program when it was version 3.1
Since then there have been numerous upgrades and now it is version 5.3 and not one version has worked. I have contacted their tech support multiple times with the same response. We know there is a problem just download the next upgrade and it should work. After installing ver. 5.3 and it still didn't work I contacted tech support AGAIN and they finally asked for me to send them screen shots so they could see the settings I was using. That was 4 weeks ago. And during the last 4 weeks I continued to send them reminders that I was still waiting but no response. This is the absolute worst software I have ever purchased.

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