18 Key Stages in Desktop Storage



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Whoa, such a knowledge. I'm using desktop too, but I never knew about a news like this. I hope I can learn alot from this site. I really want to know more about PC and computer.

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Nice roundup, but you needed to add a few more images to really cover PC hard disk storage adequately. You missed significant highlights including ESDI (which required the use of third-party BIOS replacement disk management software on most systems; IDE (AT Attachment), which enabled the integration of hard disk host adapters on motherboards; LBA mode, enabling larger hard disk capacities (you could use a BIOS screen shot from an old 486 or Pentium mobo for this one); Seagate ST-251, first of the popularly-priced "big" (40MB when most vendors still shipped 20MB) hard disks; and the transition from oxide to plated media.




I have one of those big orange disks from the IBM RAMAC.  It was from a newer version and I think a little smaller but it is cool to have some HDD history.

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