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I have been a long time reader of MaxPC, and i never regret buying the mag, but I do miss the days of old, when you guys not only stepped outside of the box, but crushed it, redesigned it and made it into a computer capable of sending people to Mars. There was an old mag a few years back where you turned a couple of decent (at the time) computers into a Cluster (the 9ghz machine). I read that mag about a hundred times, but haven't seen its like since. Don't get me wrong, still love the mag, still buy it every month, but now everything focuses on the same things. Keep up the work, but destroy the mold the way only you guys are capable of. Show me what a tri-linked cluster with 12gb of ram, and 3x motherboards with dual quadcore is capable of.



I just wanted to thank you guys for doing such fantastic work. I love the subjects you choose to address, aswell as the instructional articles you do. I particularly liked the ripping and encoding information you provideed, I have yet to use any of them, but am excited, and plan on using them first thing in the morning. Also, the free web based games were great time wasters, and could only be improoved upon if you were to list more(hint...). Well, I suppose that is enough ass kissing, youo guys rule, take care.



I have been a Maximum PC reader since the times of boot. Not a subscriber since then, mind you. I was merely in middle school during those days... My father was subscribed to boot. Your magazine was enjoyed by my dad, my older bro, and myself. After the years went by my older bro went off to the Air Force and he subscribed to Maximum PC. Now I am a Marine, and married, and subscribed to Maximum PC. I have always enjoyed reading your magazine because even though its published and it takes time to get home, I still enjoy reading your content with the Maximum PC attitude.

I won't lie, I do surf the web in search for news and hardware reviews, but those sites will never replace the Maximum PC magazine experience. Websites are like "dirty woman". You know, quick and fast. Maximum PC reading is more formal and classy. I like the information presented to me in paper, and having time to read MY magazine...

It broke my heart when I got my JUNE 2007 issue and discovered that I had already read a good 4 pages of the magazine Online...

Why??? :-(



make that 12 including your fantastic Linux article.....



You mean 13? xD

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