10 Things that Kicked Ass at Showdown

10 Things that Kicked Ass at Showdown

1. Beating Norm the Unstoppable Intern

Anyone who's played games with Norm knows that he's an unstoppable killing machine. So, when I finished humiliating the Vede in UT, I assumed that I was going to get a taste of my own medicine in a PC Gamer vs. Maximum PC 2v2 match. The teams? David Murphy and myself vs. Vederman and Norm. After a heated sudden death overtime match, TheMurph and I developed and executed a daring flag capture strategy to enact a commanding 1-0 victory against Team PC Gamer. Victories against Norm are something to be savored for a long time, and you can rest assured that The Murph and I will be savoring our victory--until next year, at least.



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...is a lot fatter than I imagined!



Am I missing it somewhere? I've been checking for it every day. Where is the link?



I'm waiting on Gordon to finish his edit. He's putting it to music and adding slow motion and all that. My pain promises to be hilarious.


Darth Ninja

Lets all give a w00t for Maximum PC!



So is MaxPC and PC Gamer going to be at the 2nd Showdown at Indy? I haven't signed up yet because it's a 8 hour drive there but I'm thinking about it. Just need to convince a few friends to come along so I won't be a loner.

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