10 Things that Kicked Ass at Showdown

10 Things that Kicked Ass at Showdown


8. Jousting = Awesome


This year, we introduced Showdown Sideshows for the first time. My personal favorite--the Joust. As you climb atop the foamy pedestal, all you want to do is avoid embarassing yourself. Unfortunately, the moment you start whacking your buds with a giant padded stick. Don't miss our own Dave "The Murph" Murphy laying the smack down on PC Gamer's Norm the Intern in the clip above.


7. The Most Terrifying Hour of the LAN

I'm not talking about the naked guys running around to get fabulous prizes from OCZ. I'm talking about the power supply toss. Every year, Antec sponsors a power supply toss, where everyone lines up to throw an old power supply by the cord, as far as they possibly can. Unfortunately, many of the participants are not particularly coordinated, and the power supplies end up being tossed straight up in the air, frequently into the crowd. File this one under "things our company's lawyers don't need to know about".

6. The Bull

Also in the Showdown Sideshows, we had a mechanical bull. I'll post videos of my bull ride later, but I'll describe it with just two words: painful and fun. PS Never ask for the Texas Rodeo setting, ever.



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...is a lot fatter than I imagined!



Am I missing it somewhere? I've been checking for it every day. Where is the link?



I'm waiting on Gordon to finish his edit. He's putting it to music and adding slow motion and all that. My pain promises to be hilarious.


Darth Ninja

Lets all give a w00t for Maximum PC!



So is MaxPC and PC Gamer going to be at the 2nd Showdown at Indy? I haven't signed up yet because it's a 8 hour drive there but I'm thinking about it. Just need to convince a few friends to come along so I won't be a loner.

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