10 Things that Kicked Ass at Showdown

10 Things that Kicked Ass at Showdown

This week marked Maximum PC and PC Gamer's second joint-hosted LAN party, Showdown. I was there, along with 500 of my closest friends, and I had a really great time. So, without further ado, here are my top-ten favorite things about Showdown LAN 2007 - San Jose:

10: The Tent

When I first heard we were having the LAN party in a giant tent, I was not impressed. I had bad visions of Barnum & Bailey, elephants, clowns, and carnies dancing through my brain. But, when I walked into the event, I was instantly sold on the tent. With a giant screen on one end, row-after-row of PCs in the LAN, and lots of room for sponsors on either side, it was truly awesome.

9. Guitar Hero 2 Tournament

Guitar Hero certainly isn't a PC game, and I'm OK with that. Seeing my nerdy brethren pick up a goofy plastic guitar, then absolutely pwn the crushingly difficult GH2 songs on the hardest difficulty settings made me glad we made space for the GH2 tourney. Props to the two guys who took home the gorgeous Epiphone guitars, now you guys just need to learn to play them!



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...is a lot fatter than I imagined!



Am I missing it somewhere? I've been checking for it every day. Where is the link?



I'm waiting on Gordon to finish his edit. He's putting it to music and adding slow motion and all that. My pain promises to be hilarious.


Darth Ninja

Lets all give a w00t for Maximum PC!



So is MaxPC and PC Gamer going to be at the 2nd Showdown at Indy? I haven't signed up yet because it's a 8 hour drive there but I'm thinking about it. Just need to convince a few friends to come along so I won't be a loner.

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