10 Reasons You Don't Need Vista Today



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1. Vista Requires a Fairly Powerful Machine

     A:  Not really. I runit on a 3 gig celeron and 1 gig of ram without a hitch!

2. Application Incompatibilities

   A: I remember loosing a lot of great Dos games when Windows 95 came out. Stuff gets outdated. That's life. Nothing is stopping me from reinstalling Dos and digging those programs out from the closet.

3. Vista is Crazy Expensive

  A: Yes, it is. But so is XP and so is Mac os X. ..If your cheap, go get Linux. Just don't expect to play Crysis or Conan on it. (By the way, games are stupid expensive too!)

4. No Hardware Audio

   A: Huh? Are you running Legacy ISA cards?

5. Vista Doesn't Work With a Lot of Bleeding-Edge Hardware

  A: That's an empty statement.

6. Vista Doesn't Work Well With Some Games

    A:, True, I miss Wnd Commander and Crusader:No Remorse too. But I blame those now defunct software vendors. Not Vista!

7.Vista Includes Consumer-Unfriendly DRM

   A: Again, not a Microsoft issue. Talk to Sony!

8. Poor Driver Support

   A: Complain to the hardware vendors! Tell them to get with the program!

9. Vista is Kind of Annoying

   A: Blah Blah Blah, Vista is bloated. Blah Blah Blah, Vista crashes, Blah Blah, just another opinion.

10. You Can Wait

   A: That's your choice. It's also a choice to go to Linux or buy a Mac. ..but do you really think your not going to write crap about Windows 7? Is Windows 7 going to be the infallable OS of the gods?? Probably not. Because you can't fill a magazine or website with anything but criticism these days. As much as I LOVE Maximum PC, it's regretfully true.


Peace :)


Howard W Childress

I'm still using DOS 3.1 and it does all that I need. ZORK rocks!

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