Art Professor Removes "Third Eye" Camera His Head

Paul Lilly

The thought of jamming a digital camera into the back our cranium doesn't strike us as a particularly pleasant experience, yet that's exactly what a New York City art professor decided to do. Wafaa Bilal, an assistant arts professor at New York University, had the camera 'installed' earlier this month as part of a controversial art project called "Third Eye." The project sparked a debate over campus privacy, but as it turns out, Bilal had a bigger roadblock to work through. Pain.

According to a report in The Chronicle of Higher Education , chronic pain forced the art professor to have a section of the camera removed from his head on Friday. The way it was originally setup, the camera was mounted on three posts, each one leading to a titanium base implanted in his skin and skull. His body ultimately rejected one of the posts, so he had it removed.

"I'm determined to continue with it," Bilal said on Monday.

After he heals, Bilal says he will experiment with a different apparatus and try using a lighter camera. In the meantime, he's keeping the project going by tying the camera to his neck. As before, the camera is setup to snap a picture every 60 seconds, which is then published to .

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