Armed Robbers Jack 100 Copies of Call of Duty: Black Ops


Two men toting hand guns walked into a Baltimore area Gamestop and stole 100 copies of Call of Duy: Black Ops the night before it launched, according to a report in The Baltimore Sun .

The robbery took place just as Gamestop employees were getting ready to lock up and head home. That's when two men wielding semi-automatic handguns barged in an stole four cases packed with the Black Ops games, as well as some cash and game consoles. During the heist, two customers walked into the store, who were then led to the storage area (along with the employees) at gunpoint.

Black Ops retails for $60 pop, meaning the two men walked away with over $6,000 in goods and cash. And for you job seekers out there, this is actually the second time a Hartford County Gamestop store has been robbed in the past three weeks. Just something to think about.

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