ARM, Texas Instruments Infuse Chip Start-Up with $48 Million in Funding

Paul Lilly

Smooth-Stone, a chip start-up headquartered in Austin, Texas, has high hopes of bringing low-power cell phone technology to servers , potentially reducing the overall power consumption at large data centers by leaps and bounds.

To help the company hit the ground and running, ARM, Texas Instruments, and Highland Capital Ventures have forked over a combined $48 million in funding.

"Smooth-Stone's approach of bringing low-power technology into the server domain made them a perfect fit for our investment model," said Bruce Beckloff, vice president of corporate business development at ARM, in a statement.

The largest data centers can use anywhere from 5 to 20 megawatts of power, with one megawatt equal to 1 million watts. That's enough to power around 1,000 homes.

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