ARM Still Confident It Will Dominate the Tablet PC Space

Paul Lilly

Less than two weeks ago, Bob Morris, ARM's director of Mobile Computing, made it clea r that ARM fully intends to compete hard in the tablet market and expects his company's chips to account for half of all tablet PCs by 2011. Fast forward to Computex and the processor maker is as confident as ever.

ARM president Tudor Brown echoed Morris' statements, and then took it a step further . According to Brown, powering 50 percent of all tablet PCs might be a bit conservative, and the real number could linger closer to 70 percent, or even 80 percent.

That stands to be a lot of tablets. Citing IDC figures, Brown said there will be 3 billion Internet-enabled devices by 2014, of which 1.6 billion will be mobile devices, 350 million will be home-use devices, 500 million mobile PCs, 200 million multimedia players, 100 million in-car electronics, and 250 million PNDs and digital photo frames. Giving ARM an advantage in all of these areas, Brown notes that ARM processors consume very little power so device makers won't have to spend much time figuring out heat dissipation schemes.

Whether or not ARM is being overly ambitious remains to be seen. Intel has made it clear that it too fully intends to compete in the tablet space and is readying its Oak Trail platform, a new system-on-chip (SoC) solution the Santa Clara chip maker will use to attack the tablet market starting in early 2011.

Image Credit: ARM

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