ARM Grins from Ear to Ear as Profits Double Up

Paul Lilly

Chip designer ARM Holdings Plc reported results for its third fiscal quarter and nine months ended September 30, 2011, and what a quarter it was. Thanks to an insatiable demand for smartphones and tablets, as well as other sectors ARM has its fingers planted in, net profits more than doubled from last year, while revenues jumped 20 percent to £120.2 million (around US$192.2 million).

"In the third quarter of 2011, we saw a continued high level of design activity with many new customers licensing ARM technology for the first time, driven by end market requirements for smarter, low-power chips. Demand for our technology has come from a broad range of applications, from sensors to computers," ARM CEO Warren East said in a statement . "Over the last year we have seen strong growth in shipments of ARM technology-based chips, with a 50 percent increase of shipments into non-mobile markets such as digital TVs, microcontrollers and networking applications."

ARM has the all the momentum of a freight train racing down the tracks. The U.K-based firm added 28 processor licenses in Q3, including 14 new customers, many of them established semiconductor companies doing business with ARM for the first time. The firm also shipped a combined 1.9 million processors in Q3.

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