ARM Boss Disses Power Performance In Intel's Mobile Processors

Brad Chacos

As we’ve already told you, Intel’s finally – after what seems like ages – making the leap into smartphones and tablets with their Atom Z2460 processors . (Not familiar with Atom Z2460? The line previously went by the code-name “Medfield.”) Thanks to deals with Motorola and Lenovo, we may be bombarded with Atom-powered smartphones later in the year, but to hear ARM CEO Warren East tell it, we’ll be getting bombarded with, well, smartphones with crappy mobile processors.

“(Intel has) taken some designs that were never meant for mobile phones and they've literally wrenched those designs and put them into a power-performance space which is roughly good enough for mobile phones," Reuters reports East as saying . Tell us, Warren, what do you really think?

He didn’t stop there, though; East was kind enough to deal Intel a back-handed compliment, too. “"Are they ever going to be the leaders in power efficiency? No, of course not. But they have a lot more to offer."

Nothing beats a cat fight between C-Level executives. Speaking of which, did you see how Microsoft vice presidents began mocking LG on Twitter this morning after the LG patent license was announced? No? Head over to TechCrunch for a synopsis – it’s funny stuff.

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