Are We In For An SSD Price War?

Brad Chacos

Eight out of ten geeks agree*: once you've taken an SSD's blazing fast speeds for a whirl, it's hard to go back to standard HDDs. (The last two geeks horde ripped HD video files like they're going out of style.) The problem is, the comparatively sky-high price point of SSDs have kept most folks away from their oh-so-sweet performance. New reports indicate that may change in the coming months, however, as the big movers and shakers in the SSD industry lower prices to try and squeeze out the little guys.

Falling NAND chip pricing is the reason that Kingston, Intel, OCZ and Crucial will be able to engage in the "price war" to eliminate smaller companies from the SSD market, DigiTimes reports . The publication's sources say that the big guys are worried that "inferior products" from bit players may slow down the mass adoption of SSDs through retail channels, so the big guys plan on squashing the competition with a swat of the low-price sledgehammer.

Now, you want to take everything you hear from DigiTimes with a grain of salt, but keep in mind that Intel recently released the budget-priced 330 SSD line with a base model that retails for under $100. The big companies also hope to spur the mass adoption to SATA 3.0 by offering those SSDs at competitive prices to SATA 2.0 SSDs, the publication says.

*Yes, those numbers are completely fictitious .

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