Are Pirate Downloads 150 Times More Profitable for Copyright Holders?

Paul Lilly

According to, copyright holders have found a way to turn the table on software piracy and profit from the practice of stealing software.

Citing a PowerPoint presentation (in German) by foreign pirate-tracking outfit DigiRights Solutions, TorrentFreak reports that alleged file sharers are sent out emails requesting them to pay about $650 per offense. For its efforts, DigiRights keeps 80 percent of the money to cover IT costs, administration costs, and attorney fees, while the remaining 20 percent is passed on to the copyright holders, TorrentFreak reports.

For copyright holders, that breaks down to $130 for every illicit download, or about 150 times more from pursuing file sharers than from selling actual music. Of course, this only applies to those who actually pay, and according to the report, 25 percent of all recipients cough up the cash, no questions asked.

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