Are Netbook Buyers Satisfied with their Purchase?


Despite a struggling economy, the worldwide PC market continues to grow , which is largely the result of mini-notebooks. The immense popularity in low-cost netbooks has also favored Intel, whose Atom CPUs contributed to record growth in the processor market in Q3 2008. But are consumers truly happy buying underpowered ultraportable PCs? According to a study by Biz360, an information-services company, customer satisfaction is falling short of the sales growth.

"The results of the analysis indicate that there is a lot of opportunity for improvement across the board for Netbook products," Biz360 concludes . "Netbook manufacturers also face a significant challenge with consumers whose expectations are based on years of desktop pc usage."

Surprisingly, Biz360 found that Acer ranks lowest in Net Advocacy (Biz360's proprietary metric that factors the positive and negative sentiment of individual comments), despite being the top seller in Q4 2008. Acer's Aspire one series had a 34 percent lower Net Advocacy than the average for all laptop brands.

Not so suprisingly, the number one complaint against netbooks has to do with performance, in which Biz360 found opinions to be "predominately negative."

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