Are Android Tablets a Failure?

Paul Lilly

Talk about knee-jerk reactions. Samsung's Galaxy Tab is really the only viable Android tablet on the market, and though plenty more will follow, some are already calling the platform a failure. Really?

After spending some hands-on time with the Galaxy Tab and the Maylong M-150, ZDNet's Larry Dignan proclaimed that "Android tablets are a big FAIL" in all caps, a sentiment echoed by Dana Blankenhorn, also with ZDNet.

"I agree with Larry Dignan. Android tablets are a failure," Blankenhorn blogged . "This follows the growing awareness on the part of cognoscenti that Android phones are not open source at all, but carrier crapware. Android as a whole is being seen as a failure."

We don't agree, and neither do the numbers. And if we're discussing smartphones, let's not forget that Android jumped ahead of Apple's iOS in third quarter market share, partially the result of having so many different devices to choose from, whereas Apple offers variations on only one -- the iPhone.

In the tablet space, it's far too early to declare Android a failure. The Galaxy Tab has received mixed reviews so far and doesn't look like it's going to take down the iPad, but did anyone really expect as much from an Android 2.2 device? Despite all the hype surrounding tablets and the holiday shopping season now under way, many companies aren't even bothering releasing an Android 2.2 slate, instead choosing to wait for version 3.0, which is supposed to be much more tablet-y.

What's your take on all this? Do you agree that Android tablets are a failure, or is that just crazy talk at this early stage? Hit the jump and sound off!

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