Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro


If you follow our cooling reviews like a thermal groupie, you’ll recall that so far this year we’ve awarded perfect 10/Kick Ass verdicts to the Cooler Master Hyper 6+ and the Zalman CNPS9500 LED.

Tough competition, for sure, and this month we’d like to add the Freezer 64 Pro to these lofty ranks.

It cools just as well as both the Zalman and the Cooler Master coolers, yet it’s easier to mount than either of them—and it’s quieter than both. It loses a verdict point for not being universal, however.

The Freezer 64 Pro sports a typical copper heatsink/aluminum fin/fan config, but three snazzy features set it apart from the pack. First, the 8cm fan is mounted to rubber arms, so it floats in place. These arms absorb all of the fan’s vibration and allow it to run in complete silence. It pushes 40CFM at 2200rpm. Second, the bottom-most fins are bent down in order to direct air towards the capacitors and voltage regulators around the CPU socket. Third, the cooler installs using the stock AMD backplate, with no tools required. It literally snaps onto the backplate in 10 seconds or less, and you’re done.

During testing, the Freezer 64 Pro delivered cooling performance on par with both the aforementioned 10/Kick Ass products—it even trumped the Zalman by 1 C in one of our tests.

With its easy installation, scintillating performance, and dead-quiet operation, this CPU cooler reminds us of that movie As Good As It Gets .
--Josh Norem

Month Reviewed: February 2006

+ Freezer: It's cool, quiet, and can be installed in 10 seconds.

- Wheezer: Not universal.

Verdict: 9


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