Arctic Cooling Displays Ginormous GPU Cooler

Paul Lilly

News and rumor site Fudzilla managed to snap a few pics of Arctic Cooling's upcoming Accelero Xtreme series graphics cooler, and boy is this thing big.

Designed for AMD's HD 5870 and dual-gpu HD 5970 videocards, the latter comes with a long heatplate to accommodate two GPUs. On the front sit three white-bladed fans on top of a massive aluminum-finned heatsink. Several heatpipes are visible making their way through the fins, 5 of them in all.

According to Arctic Cooling, the Accelero Extreme 5970 punishes thermals by lowering temps by up to 44C, a massive improvement made even more impressive considering this is an air cooler, and probably quiet (if Arctic Cooling's past products are any indication). The HD 5870 version also offers impressive performance, according to Arctic Cooling, who says you can expect temps to drop by up to 36C.

No word yet on price or availability.

Image Credit: Fudzilla

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