Arctic Cooling Announces New AMD Trinity APU-Powered HTPCs

Brad Chacos

Arctic Cooling may have earned its reputation on the back of its cooling products -- hence its name -- but late last year, it introduced a line of home theater PCs based on Intel's Atom chip.  It must have been pretty well-received, because Arctic recently announced it was launching a new line of HTPCs. Why is that notable? Because the Arctic MC101 line will be powered by AMD's next-gen Trinity APU, combination CPU/GPU chips that haven't even hit the streets yet.

Looking at the spec list below, it looks like the MC101 would be able to handle itself well as an everyday computer, much less a HTPC: options include 4GB to 8GB of 1600MHz RAM, Windows 7 Home Premium, the aforementioned Trinity A8/A10 processors and a 1TB HDD.

Most of the expected connectivity options are onboard, too, including HDMI, SPDIF, USB 3.0, Mic and audio in/out jacks and both Ethernet and Wi-Fi support. One major thing missing from the advertised bills: an optical drive. Mac mini owners might not mind ditching physical discs, but a lot of HTPC freaks have extensive Blu-ray collections, dammit! Of course, Arctic's Atom-powered MC001 line includes DVD/Blu-ray-packing models, so maybe upgraded versions just haven't been announced yet.

So when can you expect to see Arctic's MC101 line for sale? That's the tricky part about including an as-yet-unreleased APU. From the press release: "ARCTIC's MC101 Series will follow closely after the official release of the AMD APU Trinity so that you will never have to wait for something as wonderful as this!" Concrete, eh?

Spec list image

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