Arctic Announces New Graphics Coolers Compatible With A Wide Array Of Cards

Brad Chacos

The GTX 680 and AMD Radeon 7000 series cards that showed up this year run cooler and more efficiently than cards from previous generations, but hey, they're still powerful pieces of technology; pumping out those kinds of polygons puts out some high temperatures. If your new GPU has been running a bit hot under the collar, you'll be happy to hear that a trio of new cooling solutions from Arctic can help you beat the heat. And if you haven't been able to spring for a new GPU in 2012, that's okay; these coolers support a vast array of cards from both Nvidia and AMD.

The Arctic Accelero Hybrid gets its name from its hybrid cooling system, which blends liquid cooling with air cooling. The Hybrid combines an 80mm PWM-controlled fan that points at the RAM and VRM while spinning at 900 to 2,000 RPM with an adjustable GPU liquid cooling system that includes a heat exchange radiator module with a 120mm fan blowing between 400 and 1350 RPM. Arctic claims it offers a 200 percent improvement over stock GTX 680 temperatures. According to its product page, the $180 cooler works on most Nvidia and AMD cards released over the past two or three generations. It'll be available on May 29th.

If liquid cooling ain't your thing, Arctic's also putting out the Accelero Xtreme III , an air cooler with three 92mm PWN fans and an 84-fin heatsink with five copper heatpipes. According to Arctic, the Xtreme III keeps a GTX 680 running over 20 degrees cooler than the stock fans when both are running at 2000 RPM. Like the Accelero Hybrid, the Xtreme III works with several generations worth of AMD and Nvidia products. It'll be available on the 21st and costs $120.

The Accelero Xtreme III won't work with Radeon 7900 series cards, but fortunately, Arctic's Accelero Xtreme 7970 will. (It'll work with Radeon 7800 series cards, too.) The card rocks the same basic design as the Xtreme III, but it's available now for $98.

Even though the Hybrid and Xtreme III won't ship until later this month, they're available for pre-order right now. Note that Artic products ship from Hong Kong so some hefty shipping fees may apply for all these coolers.


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