Archos Undercuts Chromebook Market, Unveils Android-based ArcBook for $170



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Yes, but is it convertible? Does it fold to a tablet profile?


Sir Hobbes3

Google just goes "Oh well, it's still our operating system, LOL!"



Hmmmm, an interesting market move to be sure. Android is more powerful and flexible than Chromium to be sure, but unlike chromium, it's not really optimized for mouse and keyboard. If this is just AOSP Android, I don't look for it to go very far at all. If it's better optimized with a custom front end and some good driver support, it could definitely take a big bite out of the Chromebook market.



Is this the official "Google" version, or a custom Android?

As much as I would like to see the Linux world use this arena to take some marketshare, I understand that customers are just more used to using Android. I guess it's better than windows, though; one step in the "free" direction.



Are you stating the price is better for Chrome and it's version Android, compared to Windows?

Some will claim that Windows is a bit on the higher priced tier, but... One could never really compare any version of Chrome to a true operating system. After all, what kinds of real processing power could one ever hope to achieve with anything Chrome based.


The Mac

This isnt chrome, its Android. Jelly Bean(4.2) to be exact