Archos 7 Expected at CeBIT, Plus Second Mystery Tablet

Paul Lilly

CeBIT is just around the corner, and given the current trend, you can expect a boatload of tablet announcements. Archos will be there to show off its Archos 7 tablet, but according to , that won't be the only one Archos has on display.

Apparently Archos' German PR company has put the word out that Archos will introduce two new Android-powered tablets, both of which will represent a "good value" and are "specially designed for use in the home," says.

What that could mean is anyone's guess. One of those we know is the Archos 7, which is basically a bigger version of the Archos 5. It seems likely that the second model might be another 9-inch unit. Archos already sells the Archos 9 PC Tablet with Windows 7, but if the company's shooting for a more value-oriented product, putting Android on a 9-inch tablet could help drop the price.

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