Aqua Computing Shows Off World's First Radeon 7970 Water Block

Brad Chacos

Did you read our write-up of the spiffy new AMD Radeon 7970 earlier this week and find yourself getting all hot and bothered at the thought of kick-ass custom rigs built around the beast? Well, one company can help you cool down. The new graphics cards aren’t even available in stores yet but that hasn’t stopped the Germany-based Aqua Computer from putting the AquagrATIx 7900 up for preorder. What’s that, you might ask? Only the first 7970 water block available on the market.

Aqua Computter claims the water block should fit Radeon 7950 cards when they're released, too. There’s not really all that much to say about the water block other than that. It’s made out of what looks to be a single piece of copper with a stainless steel cover. It uses standard G 1/4” threads, though the fittings don’t come included. Early adopters can preorder one now for roughly $116 .

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