April 2005


Analog to Digital--and Beyond
Watch as Maximum PC mercilessly tames even the trickiest of PC tasks: taking analog video and putting it into digital form. We'll show you which hardware does hte best job of capturing; which software makes editing, converting, and burning the most enjoyable and trouble-free experience; and top it all off with a soup-to-nuts primer on tweezing, squeezing, and easing your video onto DVD.

The Fifth Annual Geek Quiz!
Did you enjoy last year's geek quiz? Hold onto those fond memories, Junior, because this year's test of your PC marbles will absolutely draw blood . So whip out your slide rule and don your pocket protector, because only the smartest geeks will survive the biggest, baddest, meanest, and most comprehensive gauntlet of questions we've ever assembled in these pages.

Hands-on reviews of all the latest hardware, including:
Seagate's monstrous 7022.8 400GB hard drive.

Pentium 4 Extreme SLI vs. Athlon 64 SLI mobo showdown.

GeForce 6600 GT SLI Benchmarks

PalmOne Treo 650 vs. Samsung TPC-6601 PDA shootout

But wait, there's more!
Look for a special Super-Sized "In the Lab," with our new benchmarking guide and lightning-fast new testbeds.

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