Apricorn DVR Extender Fitted with Fresh New Digs

Paul Lilly

Apricorn is looking to give its DVR Expander series a new lease on life by giving the entire line a makeover . More than just a face lift, Apricorn is shooting for both form and function with the new designs, starting with a fanless, solid aluminum enclosure that purportedly offers serviceable cooling without making a peep.

"DVRs have become a staple in American households, giving viewers the ability to watch what they want when they want. As TV providers race to create an increasingly immersive viewing experience for their customers, including HDTV and the introduction of 3D programming, DVR recording space will only become more of a premium," said Mike McCandless, Apricorn's VP of Sales and Marketing. "Apricorn's DVR Expander gives our customers enough space and the flexibility to record hundreds of hours of their favorite HD and 3D programs and watch them at their convenience."

Apricorn's DVR Expanders work with a variety of programming, including Dish Network, DirecTV DVRs, and major cable providers using Scientific Atlantic 8300 and 8240 series DVRs, the company says.

The revamped units are available now for $99 (500GB), $129 (1TB), $169 (1.5TB), and $249 (2TB).

Image Credit: Apricorn

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