Apple's iPad Might Make a Splash with the Mobile Enterprise

Paul Lilly

Forget any preconceptions you may have about Apple's iPad, because it's not all fun and games, though that certainly helps. According to Forrester Research, the current talk of the tablet world has a good chance at catching on as a business tool for mobile professionals.

"This thing will take off among high net worth mobile pros," said Ted Schadler , an analyst with Forrester Research. "And IT should be okay with that, at least in non-regulated industries where the lack of application management and device control tools are not big issues. After all, iPad is really just a big iPhone."

It's worth noting that mobile professionals comprise 28 percent of the enterprise workforce, and it's these very individuals who are likely to be attracted to the iPad to use on the road as they travel from their company's headquarters to remote offices. In addition, Schadler believes some enterprise workers will opt to take their iPad in place of their work-sanctioned laptops.

Image Credti: Apple

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