Apple Confirms Purchase of Beats Music and Electronics for $3 Billion



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Well Apple fell for marketing buzz. Beats are all about distorted loud base, not about music fidelity. Sadly Apple will then up market to the sheep and shear them for even more money.



I bought an HTC One phone with Beats audio back in October of 2013. Beats audio was the first thing I turned off. Sounded horrible. I use the equalizer in PowerAmp and it sounds much better. Apple bought an expensive gimmick. But then again Apple is an expensive gimmick.



Apple has bought a "fad" and as others have mentioned, Beats headphones are "good sounding" at best.

They are only popular because teens have adopted them as a standard based upon name/looks/Dr. Dre and not on audio quality.

I'm no audiophile myself but I interface with A/V companies for work and both independently confirm that Beats are not great in the audio dept, there are far better sounding headphones out there.

More of the same from Apple I suppose... Worry more about the name/look than the quality of the product and then charge a premium for it. Wonder if they'll "enhance" Beats headphones by developing their own closed and proprietary audio connection, away from the standard 3.5mm jack.



your last paragraph hit the nail on the head. we all expect that they will change the connector. of course it will "provide superior audio connectivity and sound". you will also be able to buy an adapter for the low low price of $79.95



Apple purchased the most expensive equalizer in the world. Good job!



"so we can continue to create the most innovative music products and services in the world."

ah ha...funny. In regard to Beats and Apple audio products they should say "the most expensive and sub-par products." Honestly, It's all about brand. People fool themselves into thinking Beats sounds good because they are so enamored with the brand. Kudos for design, but please put some high quality drivers in there.



Beats headphones sound OK, not great but OK but they sound a million times better than those POS headphones that Apple provides with their devices now. Good plan, get a medium sounding headphone that can be sold at a premium that by comparison to what you are presently supplying actually sound decent but only by comparison.



Agreed. Beats are overpriced pieces of garbage. If these headphones are as good as they claim to be, why don't we any real musicians using them.

Key word, "Musicians". Not these so called "artists" that are into rap, hip hop and R&B.

People need to GTFO of here with these beats crap. Those headphones are overpriced pieces of garbage that just have a lot of bass. Big whoop.



There is a common belief that if something is very cheap, that means it is garbage. This is why the majority believe (look at yourself as well) that expensive equals better quality.

Of course, one needs to have the required knowledge to realize that this is a flaw, but it takes time and experience.



Can anyone figure out if Trent Reznor is going to make some money from this deal too. Beats Music, was brought together by Iovine, Dre and Reznor. Although Reznor wasn't a founder of the Beats company. It would be interesting if they showed him some green for his involvement of the tipping point for the buy out. In a few interviews with Reznor he kept saying that Beats Music would be huge ... he was more right than he knew.

Like Iovine needed any more money and influence in the music industry or the world. More power to them though. It's fun to think about what we'd do with that kind of money if we got it.