Apple to Inject Super Fast Graphics Chip into iPad 2

Paul Lilly

We can find plenty to fault with Apple's iPad -- no Flash support, no USB port, no cameras, no microSD card slot, and the list goes on -- although performance isn't one of them. Maybe that will change once tablets emerge built around Google's Android 3.0 platform, but by then, we'll be closer to the second generation of iPads, and there's good reason why the competition should be worried.

According to Apple Insider, the iPad 2 will burn rubber with a dual-core SGX543 graphics chip, which offers twice the performance of the SGX535 SoC that's currently in use. Look for OpenCL support to be part of the package, too.

Keeping in mind that this info is based on Apple Insider's un-named sources, there's plenty for Apple fans to get excited about, and for others to be a little worried.

"The most likely configuration of Apple's next custom chip is reportedly the SGX543MP2, which pairs two SGX543 cores to work as one, offering around four times the capability of the previous A4 in graphics and video tasks," Apple Insider said.

That kind of performance boost would be nothing short of impressive and would put the pressure on the competition to keep up. And all that performance won't be used just for gaming, but also for rendering fonts in productivity apps, hardware acceleration, and more.

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