Apple to Finally Add Multitasking to the iPhone

Maximum PC Staff

See what you can accomplish if you whine about something enough? Even the mighty Apple, which lords it above consumers with it’s ‘my way or the highway’ software approach, will capitulate and give the customer what he wants: the iPhone is getting multitasking .

Not right away, mind you. And, if the sources AppleInsider uses are not as reliable as they claim, maybe not at all. But, should it come to fruition, it will be in version 4.0 of the iPhone OS, for which there is no projected release date.

Between now and then Apple has some issues to contend with, as adding multitasking to the iPhone (and by extension the iPad), will be both a simple and a complex task. Simple because version 3.x of the iPhone OS has fully preemptive multitasking. Apple, for security and technical reasons, blocks all but a select few applications from running in the background. None of these select few are among the thousands of third party apps that populate the iPhone App Store (and which help bolster the iPhone's popularity).

Complex because Apple has to tweak the user interface to make access to multiple applications intuitive and easy. As most applications are shut down when a user goes to the home screen, such interface needs didn’t have to be address. Since Apple is obsessive about such things, this could take a while. And, of course, there’s all those funky technical issues over resource allocation that have to be resolved, so running apps play nice with the OS and with each other.

Once multitasking is implemented, then iPhone users can start whining about slow performance and battery life, like the rest of smartphone users.

Image Credit: Apple

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