Apple to Announce 99-Cent TV Rentals

Ryan Whitwam

Sources are reporting that Apple is in talks with several major networks to begin offering 99-cent TV show rentals on the iTunes platform. Talks with News Corp. are apparently barreling ahead, while deals with CBS and Disney are looking solid as well. This new arrangement could be part of Apple's announcement at the annual Fall iPod event expected to be held next month.

If successful, these deals would offer users of Apple's iTunes ecosystem to access a much larger catalog of content on a rental basis. The files are expected to be available for purchase within 24 hours of air date, and will be commercial free. Amid the rumors of a $99 Apple TV relaunch (maybe called iTV), this new pricing structure could be very tempting for many consumers.

With options like Netflix working hard to expand selection for a flat rate, do you think a rental system like this will succeed?

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