Apple Threatens A Lawsuit To Block The Sale of its Trash (Literally!)

Justin Kerr

Apple has a reputation for being rather controlling when it comes to its hardware and software designs, but a new story coming out of Gizmodo really pushes this perception to a new level. Ex Apple employee Mark Burstiner is in legal hot water with Apple over allegations of theft, but his story isn't as clear-cut as it might sound.

Over a year and a half ago Mark was coming off a shift at the Fifth Avenue New York Apple store, while construction workers were hauling away pieces of a broken step that needed to be replaced near the entrance. Mark was dressed in civilian clothing, and for some unknown reason, asked if he could keep the cracked 250lb glass step that was presumably being hauled away to the dump.  The construction crews helped him load up his price, and if this were a normal story, it would end here.

Fast forward to eight days ago when Mark was preparing to move, and decided to list his prize on Ebay.  Rather than being mocked and ridiculed for attempting to sell a broken piece of trash, he received several bids, and was eventually contacted and harassed by Apple legal representatives who requested he return the broken step. You could argue the legality of this case on behalf of Apple, or squatter's rights , but either way it is a bizarre story.

Feel free to read his entire testimony for yourself , but can anyone come up with a plausible theory for why Apple would care? It certainly adds evidence to the theory that some people will buy anything from Apple, even trash. The current bid was $6,300 at the time of this posting, go figure.

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