Apple Store Bomb Threat Lands Teenager in Jail

Ryan Whitwam

Okay look, you may not like Apple very much. We get that. You might feel that their computers are overpriced and their closed platform is contrary to your philosophical views. But whatever you do, don’t threaten to blow up an Apple Store . The buzzkill authorities tend to frown upon that sort of behavior. One New York 17 year-old by the name of Justin Barry did not take heed of this bit of common sense.

He allegedly walked into an Apple Store and typed the following into one of the display computers before leaving: “I have threatened your store and all its employees with a bloody death ... whoever the crew maybe working, or the innocent citizens that walk in ... will be eliminated with the force of a... bomb loaded with C4, strapped to my chest.”

When a store employee discovered the note, the police were called. Young Justin was quickly apprehended and is being charged with making terroristic threats. That carries a possible penalty of seven years in prison. For his part, Justin said it was only a joke. All the stupidest crimes start out as jokes, don’t they?

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