Apple Shoves HP Aside to Lead the Mobile PC Market

Paul Lilly

Whichever company ends up buying Hewlett Packard's PC division will end up owning a business that accounts for the second most mobile PC market share, and possibly the No. 1 spot when combined with its own. Until that happens, Apple is the top mobile iDog with more than 13.5 million mobile PC shipments in the second quarter of 2011, which is a 136 percent year-over-year increase and enough to propel the Cupertino outfit past HP to lead all others, according to the latest data from DisplaySearch.

Not surprisingly, Apple's iPad ended up being the difference maker. The iPad accounted for nearly 80 percent of Apple's mobile PC shipments in the second quarter, and combined with the company's notebooks, it moved 10.7 million units. That gave Apple a 21.1 percent share of the mobile PC market, compared to HP's 15 percent share on shipments of 9.7 million units.

Notebook PC shipments across the board were down 2 percent for the quarter, but up 2 percent compared to last year. Tablet shipments, on the other hand, skyrocketed almost 70 percent during Q2 and over 400 percent year-over-year, leading DisplaySearch to use the 'C' word.

"Preliminary results show a second consecutive quarter of Y/Y shipment growth decline," said Richard Shim , Senior Analyst for DisplaySearch. "While part of the Y/Y decline can be attributed to a strong first half of 2010, the rising tablet PC shipment growth rate beings to point to notebook PC shipment cannibalization [bolded by us for emphasis, not DisplaySearch]."

The rest of the Top 5 mobile PC field is made up of Dell (11.6 percent share of the market), Acer (10.9 percent), and Lenovo (7.5 percent). Lenovo is one of the companies that may be in talks with HP about buying its PC business, according to rumors earlier this year.

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