Apple Sees Strongest Growth As The Ranks Of The Top US PC Manufacturers Shift

Brad Chacos

The tidings look grim on the PC  front. Despite a surge in sales from the first quarter to the second in 2011 (maybe due to Witcher 2's awesomeness?), the total number of units moved have plummeted over the past year. Some manufacturers have managed to grab sunbeams between all the rain, though. A new report reveals that the ranks of the top five computer manufacturers have undergone a serious shift as some scramble for ground that others have given up.

In the US, the king of the hill still reigns; IDC reports HP's sitting pretty at the top of the pile with almost 4.7 million PCs shipped in the second quarter of 2011. Dell managed to nab the second spot on the list with just under 4 million shipments – despite a 10.2 percent decline in growth over the past year. The big surprise lands in the third slot. Apple, the fifth-ranked supplier in 2010, earned itself a bronze medal thanks to a 14.7 percent increase in its shipments, coupled with a 25.4 percent decline in Acer's. The fall from grace dropped Acer firmly into the fifth slot, with Toshiba laying claim to fourth.

HP and Dell claim the top two slots on the worldwide front as well. Acer saw a still terrible, but-not-quite-as-bad-as-in-the-US 10.1 percent decline in sales worldwide, a slide that landed the company in fourth place on the list. Lenovo's 22.9 percent sales surge made it the third largest PC manufacturer worldwide, while ASUS scrambled over Toshiba to lay claim to fifth place. Apple didn't manage to crack the top five in the global scheme. Shucks.

Image Credit: Venture Beat and IDC

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